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The Pennsylvania Association of County Human Services Administrators (PACHSA), is a statewide, nonprofit association representing the human service administrators, directors and their counterparts across Pennsylvania.


PACHSA was formed in 1976 as the Pennsylvania Services Integration Consortium (PSIC) with a commitment to improving human services delivery throughout Pennsylvania. In 1987, PSIC affiliated with the Pennsylvania State Association of County Commissioners and acquired staff and lobbying services.


The association’s mission to improve human services through locally determined coordinated approaches has served to increase support for the association. Therefore in 1991, to accommodate the needs of its increasing county membership PSIC became the Pennsylvania Association of County Human Services Administrators (PACHSA).


Each year, over three million Pennsylvanians and their families turn to counties to meet their human services needs. With the current economic challenges, counties are facing increasing requests to assist their residents with the most basic safety needs such as food, shelter and utilities. Across Pennsylvania today, human services accounts for up to 60 percent of county budgets. Decisions affecting funding, administration, planning and the delivery of human services are critical components of county government.


PACHSA is led by a group of dedicated members and professional staff specializing in association management, government relations, communications, and education. Administrative and program objectives are based on a strategic action plan, and are member driven. Responsibilities for developing and pursing strategies for their implementation falls to the Board of Directors and staff, with grassroots assistance by the membership.

Thomas R. Stark
Executive Director

Kristin Aldinger
Human Services Associate